Tuesday , September 26 2017

Few Info On Curtain Rings With Clips

Few Info On Curtain Rings With Clips

To hang curtains on rods, we need curtain rings. These days different style of curtain rings are available from wooden rings to steel rings, we have many options. One of the option to decorate your home with curtain rings with clips. Check out the types of rings with rings for you home curtains.

Pin rings

A piece of metal wire is folded which has sharp pinon one side and curved from the other side. They may have four prongs and all work in the same way. Curtains that have pleats, two hook rings are best for them. Four pin rings are used for curtains which do not have pleats but give a look of pleats if hang with them.

Sew-On rings

Sew-on rings are inserted into the fabric tape. They have a pin with a rounded edge on one side. They remain in fixed position as they are sewn with the curtains head. This is sewn onto the back of the curtain header so the hook remains in a fixed position. Sew-on rings are made up of brass. They so strong to hold any fabric.


S-rings have “S” shape. You can choose from metal, wood or plastic rings to hang your curtains. Hang your shower curtains or any other curtains with them. They are easily detachable and are decorative. You choose any color of S rings.

Clip Rings Round Rings

Clip rings give a refined look and style to curtains. The ring is attached to the base of the ring and slides itself.  A round rings have a base of a small eyelet and are best used with pleated curtains. Round rings allow you to hang curtains on a standard or traverse rods.

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