Tuesday , September 26 2017

Installing A Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Installing A Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Tension shower curtain rod are the most convenient way of dividing space in your bathroom in that they are very easy to install and remove because you do not require additional hardware to use them; from the name it is clear that they will always stay in position.

How do you install tension shower curtain rod?

In the bathroom identify two facing walls

Tension shower curtain rod have to be placed between walls that are facing each other; in this case two opposing walls of the shower.

Identify the intersection of the curtain rod

The intersection of the tension shower rod is the point where the two separate sections of the rod perfectly fit with each other. You can also adjust the length of the tension rod through manipulation of the two separate shafts.

Twisting the rod to adjust the length of the rod

The smaller shaft on the curtain rod is twisted anti clockwise in order to lengthen the rod; you can also shorten the length of the rod by twisting it in a counter clockwise direction. If necessary you can slide the tension rod through the hem of the curtain. To make work easier, slide the adjusted rod on top of the hem before placing it in its final position.

Place the tension rod in position

You can do this by lining the tension rod so that it is perpendicular to the two walls opposite each other and apply a little pressure to fit the walls.

Hanging curtain hooks

If necessary, you can hang your conventional curtain hooks and then your shower curtains.

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