Tuesday , September 26 2017

The Right Shower Curtain Sizes For Your Bathroom

The Right Shower Curtain Sizes For Your Bathroom

Shower curtain sizes matter a lot when it comes to your bathroom designing. This is because the poor design of your bathroom with shower curtains not of the proper size will leave you frustrated as water will be splashing out of the shower.

Shower curtain sizes should fit the bathroom well, and it should be designed to accommodate ledges on the tub.

The properly sized shower curtain should not hang too long to touch the floor as it will collect dust and dirt. It will also not dry well and encourage mildew to grow. The shower curtain sizes that sweeps the floor also presents a dangerous tripping hazard and gets in the way when you are cleaning the floor.

The shower curtain sizes vary in length and choosing the right length according to the measurements of your shower can be a good idea. You can also use shower rod brackets with shower hooks that create distance between the rod and the top of the curtain, increasing the overall length of your curtain.

Before purchasing the shower curtain first take a look at how your bathroom is decorated and determine what shower curtain size will fit it, match it with the design of your bathroom and the color scheme.

Clear measurements of the bathroom will also give a pretty nice shower curtain size that will fit your room and still makes you comfortable.

The budget for the shower curtain sizes should also be cost effective and decide how much you want to spend for the shower curtain.

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