Tuesday , September 26 2017

Tips To Choose The Best Modern Shower Curtain

Tips To Choose The Best Modern Shower Curtain

That was a Friday evening when I and my few friends planned a meet up. In college days we all used to celebrate girls day out every month.

Shopping, eating and watching movie were the biggest catch of those girls’ day outs. On the Friday meet up the plan was to visit newly inaugurated mall in our city.

It was huge multistoried with each level dedicated to particular theme. Level 4 was given to curtain stores and companies. Although I am not much into curtain stuff but the word SALE up to 40% off took me there. This word works magic for women.

So we decided to visit level4 without any confusion. As we stepped in I was amazed by the unique styles and patterns of modern shower curtain.

Variety in modern shower curtain included extra-long, sleek and stylish, embossed and printed designs in colors ranging from fluorescent to almost encompassing complete spectrum colors.

Modern shower curtains range was so huge that I didn’t remember all of them but few of them were Chevron shower curtain, Lillian shower curtain, Quatrefoil shower curtain etc. I decided to pick Lillian shower curtain because this modern shower curtain will add beauty to the space.

It makes statement of pure class. It was in white and self-color and can be a soothing factor for my washroom. I also bought liner with it so that it can’t get stick even if it is wet.

Finally the bill I was charged was much reasonable because of ongoing sale. I enjoyed shopping of modern shower curtain a lot.

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