Tuesday , September 26 2017

Why Use A Shower Curtain Rail Instead Of Shower Doors?

Why Use A Shower Curtain Rail Instead Of Shower Doors?

You just had a bathroom remodeled. What you now want is to have the best looking shower on your bathroom. But you can’t decide on whether to go with shower doors or with curtains.

If you’re stuck in such a conundrum, then we might be of some help. We can advise you on how to choose the best one from two alike choices.

Shower doors do look appeasing but they gauntly occupy the spaces and your bathroom may look smaller because of it. However if you layer your shower area with curtains, then you can make your bathroom look spacious and aesthetic.

However you’d need shower curtain rail to go with shower curtains. Shower rails are often termed as shower rods. We here shall give you a guide on how to style your shower rails.

  • Look for the curved ones
  • Be ahead of the trend. Try the curved shower curtain rail. Curved shower curtain rails occupy small space as compared to the straighter and longer ones. They provide more space to maneuver while showering. Apart from the functionality, it also provides luxurious feel to the bathroom.
  • The new age bamboo rails
  • Often enhancing your bathroom rails can seem a tough task. Fed up with those old trendy chrome ones or the brass ones. Try the new bamboo shower curtain rail for a tropical and feel-good factor. A completely hassle free installation is on the cards with these bamboo rails. The best part about it, it sits perfectly with your budget. Furthermore, you won’t get the rust that is generally accompanied with the metal ones.
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